The Perfect Erasmus Plus Experience!

Hey! My name is Sarah, I am a 24-year-old student of Multilingual Communication in Cologne and currently on my semester abroad here with Atlantic Language. I was born in Bonn the home of Beethoven the famous composer. My studies include one semester abroad, and will be financed partly by Erasmus+ internship program. If you don’t know about Erasmus+… Continue reading The Perfect Erasmus Plus Experience!

Jim Connoly’s ERACON Workshop – A Must See

ADDRESSING RELUCTANCE AMONG UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS TO USE ENGLISH MEDIATED INSTRUCTION ERACON Murcia, Workshop 10 – Thursday 10th May (12:20 – 13:00) Jim Connolly’s ERACON workshop explores ways of supporting teachers in the challenge of adapting their teaching approach for internationalising HEI. CLIL is an approach to teaching that promotes learner autonomy and is ideally suited… Continue reading Jim Connoly’s ERACON Workshop – A Must See

Galway – What an Adventure

Learning English in Galway is an adventure. Saburota Kusumi from Japan had an incredible time here in Galway learning English and having fun. His blog “Galway What an Adventure” only tells a very small part of the real story behind his love for Ireland and its people, not to mention learning English here in Atlantic… Continue reading Galway – What an Adventure