CLIL in the Classroom

Implementing CLIL in the Subject Classroom
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Course Outline

CLIL in the Classroom

The main principle of CLIL is dual-focused education, this means that the emphasis is not only on the content but the language as well. The challenge for subject teachers is integrating language teaching and subject learning while maintaining standards in the subject itself. The CLIL in the classroom course at Atlantic Language prepares teachers to implement CLIL and transform their teaching methods.

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Course Content

Course Content

Provide an overview of the principles of CLIL teaching and your role in it as a language teacher
Address the difficulties in implementing CLIL in your given teaching context
Analyze a teaching methodology which will allow you to integrate subject learning into your language classroom
Provide guidance on how to select subject material and tasks to work on in your lessons
Focus on actual activities and practices you can implement in your classroom
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Key Facts

Key Facts

Minimum level of English

B1 on the CEFR (Intermediate)

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Accommodation Options

Host Family and Apartment/Residence

Who is it for?

This course is for practicing high school teachers who teach (or who want to teach) their subject in another language.

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