CLIL: Content & Language Integrated Learning

Lessons / Timetable
  • 20 morning lessons (9.00 - 12.30)
  • 6 afternoon lessons (13:30 - 14:30)
Start dates
  • Monday, 16 July 2018
Levels Available
Minimum strong B1 Intermediate
Course Length
Minimum 2 weeks
PIC number
Tuition only
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Accommodation Details:

This course is designed for non-native teachers of subjects (biology, geography, physics,  history, etc.). It aims to introduce and explain the CLIL approach to teaching academic subjects in L2, while also helping participants to refresh their own English language skills. The course will comprehensively examine all aspects of CLIL, while giving participants the opportunity to practice the methodology. Participants will understand that the needs of learners in L2 lessons are vastly different to those in L1 lessons, and will develop and practice teaching techniques that can support and motivate subject students in new ways.

√ Morning & Afternoon Lessons

√ Maximum 14 Participants Per Class

√ Minimum Age: 22 Years

√ Demonstrations of the CLIL methodology in action

√ Practice lesson planning and lesson delivery with professional, individual feedback

√ You teach a subject to secondary or adult students in your own country

√ You plan to (or will continue to) teach some subject classes through the medium of English

√ You want to learn about and experience the CLIL teaching methodology and associated approaches to

   develop your classroom skills

√ You want to support your learners by using appropriate resources and setting collaborative tasks

√ You want to share your own classroom experiences with peers from other countries

√ You want to meet people of other nationalities and share cultural experiences

√ You have a B1 or higher level of proficiency in English

√ Rationale for using CLIL                               √ Planning CLIL Lessons

√ Language needs in a CLIL lesson                √ Adapting subject-based materials

√ Balancing the teaching roles -                      √ Micro-teaching practice in your subject

   Subject teaching and language instruction   √ Increasing student collaboration

√ Thinking Skills in CLIL                                   √ Enquiry- & task-based learning

√ Providing scaffolding and other support       √ Assessment in CLIL

√ Gain a solid foundation in the CLIL teaching methodology

√ Experience the CLIL methodology in action first hand

√ Combine subject goals with associated language goals in learner-centred lessons

√ Source and adopt materials for use in your own classes

√ Build your repertoire of classroom activities, student tasks, and lesson sequences

√ Develop your confidence and professionalism as a teacher

√ Share ideas and resources with an international community of teachers

√ Enhance your English skills by learning with like-minded professionals

  • Dates: 16 July - 27 July 2018
  • Subject to reaching a minimum number of 8 students. Please check availability before booking course
  • Teacher Training Programmes are not included in the QQI-ACELS Recognition Scheme