YLTT: Young Learner Teacher Training

Lessons / Timetable
  • 20 morning lessons (9.00 - 12.30)
  • 6 afternoon lessons (13:30 - 14:30)
Start dates
  • Tuesday, 07 August 2018
Levels Available
Minimum strong B1 Intermediate
Course Length
Minimum 2 weeks
PIC number
Tuition only
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Accommodation Details:

This course is designed for non-native teachers of English to young learners (aged 5 – 14) and aims to introduce new approaches to teaching the English language while taking into consideration the particular needs of learners in this young age bracket. This course is full of teaching ideas, styles and approaches to enable you to plan your classes and motivate young learners in new ways. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and practice these techniques while also refreshing and polishing their own language skills. 

√ Morning & Afternoon Lessons

√ Maximum 14 Participants Per Class

√ Minimum Age: 22 Years 

√ Modules on language analysis and teaching methodology

√ You teach (or plan to teach) English to primary, or middle school students in your own country

√ You want to learn about and experience new and innovative teaching methodologies and approaches to develop

   your classroom skills

√ You want to improve your own language skills and hone your lesson delivery technique

√ You want to share your own classroom experiences with peers from other countries

√ You want to meet people of other nationalities and share cultural experiences

√ You have a B1 or higher level of proficiency in English

√ Young Learner stages of development           √ Songs and stories in English

√ Classroom management techniques for         √ Teaching vocabulary and grammar 

   all age groups                                                    to Young Learners

√ Techniques for motivating young learners       √ Task-based learning and other approaches

   to engage with and use English                      √ Supporting learners through multiple

√ Promoting the development of the four             approaches

   language skills among young learners           √ Differentiation for learners with different

√ Games for use in English language lessons       needs and abilities

√ Gain practical ideas for teaching the English language to young learners

√ Gain a practical understanding of second language acquisition and development

√ Experience language-teaching methods through interaction in English

√ Share ideas and resources for English teaching with an international community of teachers

√ Build your knowledge of Irish culture

√ Develop your confidence and professionalism as a language teacher

√ Improve your English fluency, accuracy and vocabulary by learning with like-minded professionals

  • Dates: 7 August to 17 August 2018
  • Subject to reaching a minimum number of 8 students. Please check availability before booking course
  • Teacher Training Programmes are not included in the QQI-ACELS Recognition Scheme