Exam Preparation

Do you want an internationally recognised qualification?

Our exam preparation courses are specially designed for students who want an internationally recognised qualification. Our teaching staff have combined teaching experience of 30 years. Therefore, the teachers are well-equipped to prepare candidates for their exams. All of our exam preparation courses are available in both Galway and Dublin schools. Students will learn the techniques and strategies to successfully undertake their exams. Students who take exam preparation courses with us are able to apply to study at many international schools and universities. In addition, many employers, immigration authorities and various professional organisations will recognise and ask for this English qualification on their admission requirements. This qualification can open many doors into many careers. For specific details on each course, please see the list below.

Our Exam Preparation Courses

Our exam preparation courses are very popular. Therefore, you need to book your place early to ensure that you can join the classes. Send an email to [email protected] to make an enquiry today and our team will help you.