Covid-19 Health & Safety Policies

Mask Wearing 

  • All staff and students must wear a mask when in the school 
  • Reception Staff must wear a face mask at all times 
  • Staff must wear a mask while working in a shared office 
  • Teachers and students must wear a mask at all times in class 

At Reception 

  • Face-to-face enquiries and discussions between staff and students, at reception or other locations, are allowed only when no virtual alternative is possible 
  • Visitors must sign the visitors’ log 
  • Payments and transactions must be done virtually where possible.

In Classrooms 

  • Classroom doors must be kept open when possible 
  • Windows should be opened when possible for at least 10 minutes per hour of classroom use 

Around the School 

  • All staff must wear an ID lanyard at all times while in the school 
  • Shared work-space areas must be disinfected after use and all personal items removed 
  • Office windows should be opened when possible, for at least 10 minutes/hour 
  • The staffroom work-space is closed until further notice. Teachers are required to prepare for classes and carry out administration in assigned classrooms.  
  • Office doors must be kept open where possible  
  • All staff meetings must be scheduled and held online 
  • Each school bathroom has a maximum capacity; if they are full, it is necessary to wait outside 
  • All common areas – cafeteria, student lounge – are closed until further notice

Materials and Equipment 

  • Teachers are required to share content and materials with students electronically 
  • Printing or photocopying of teaching materials or other documents for shared use is prohibited  Staff are required to have their own stationery and office equipment where possible 
  • Shared equipment must be cleaned and disinfected before and after use  
  • Students must have their own equipment for class – e.g. pens, paper 
  • Staff and Students must bring only the minimum personal items that are necessary  

Last Update: 15/07/2021