Erasmus+ for Academics and Higher Education Staff

Erasmus+ for Academics and Higher Education Professionals

Boost Your Skills, Bolster Your Academic Career:

Empower yourself & your institution, gain new skills and international experience, and contribute to a more innovative European education landscape – all with Erasmus+ funding!

Erasmus+ at Atlantic: The Benefits

  • Boost your skills: Acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise. Each course provides a specific skill set and focus allowing students to gain actionable tools, a new outlook, and in-depth knowledge.
  • Experience diverse perspectives: Gain an enriching experience of learning alongside academics and HE professionals from other European countries.
  • Gain international exposure: Connect with European colleagues and potentially develop joint projects to broaden your perspective and craft creative solutions while growing your network and boosting your reputation.
  • Boost your institution’s international standing: Participation in Atlantic Erasmus+ for HE staff courses prepares students to take on leadership roles in international collaboration. With a diverse and globally minded faculty, course participants can attract top education talent while contributing to a more dynamic European Higher Education industry.
  • Learn from the best: The highly experienced teachers at Atlantic deliver outstanding, interactive, and in-depth content while providing actionable tools you can use in your HE work setting. 
  • Fund your professional development: Erasmus+ provides financial support for academics and higher education staff’s travel and accommodation costs.

Erasmus+ for Academics and Higher Education Staff at Atlantic: Our Course Selection

English Language Development

The English Language Development course is available at Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
Participants have the opportunity to develop all core language skills through intensive immersion in dynamic international classes. The course is delivered by Atlantic Language School’s specialist ESL teaching team; with effective communication and interactive task-based lessons in its focus.

English for Professional Communication

English for Professional Communication is a demanding communicative course, preparing professionals to confidently present, network and liaise across various media with external stakeholders in internationalised settings where English is the language of communication. Our specialist team of trainers employ a collaborative approach to course delivery. Utilising pre-arrival questionnaires and needs analyses, expert tutors adapt the course to maximise participant benefits.

Academic Writing Skills

Academic Writing Skills is designed to assist senior professionals and academics in Higher Education institutions who are required to publish material in English. The course deals with language for academic writing, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, register and style. Examples of academic writing like articles, research papers and abstracts will all be considered, and participants will have a chance to get one-to-one feedback on ‘work in progress’.

Presentation Skills for Academics

Presentation Skills for Academics is designed to support senior professionals and academics in Higher Education institutions who must present material in English. The course introduces the methodology for delivering effective presentations. Participants study all aspects, including planning and preparation, evaluation and feedback, leading discussions, and audience engagement.

English for the Educational Workplace

English for the Educational Workplace is an intensive professional training course for staff in the educational sector. Participants prepare to master day-to-day interactions through English. They gain the skills to confidently and concisely communicate with peers, students, managers, and external stakeholders. The course includes practical workshops, role-plays and other applied exercises designed to develop a range of communicative skills, improve language usage, and gain the functional vocabulary required to deal with direct interactions.

Social and Emotional Development

How can you help your students learn in more successful and meaningful ways? Our Social and Emotional Learning Course provides teachers with effective classroom strategies for deeper engagement and connection with students.
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which young people and adults acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve personal and learning goals. 

Team Building Skills for Higher Education Staff

Team Building Skills for Higher Education Staff is designed to assist Higher Education Staff to develop the teamwork skills required to work more effectively and productively in their departments and projects. The course examines many topics including team development, team roles, group dynamics, and conflict management. Participants consider the role of teamwork within the culture of Higher Education while sharing ideas and collaborating with fellow Higher Education staff from around Europe whilst enjoying Irish culture along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Mindfulness for Educators

Mindfulness for Educators aims to give the participant a basic foundation in mindfulness practice as applied to education. Mindfulness is known to improve wellbeing and foster critical thinking, performance, creativity, and empathy – all valuable life skills, that can flow into our professional lives and interactions with students and colleagues.

Participant Testimonials

Definitely, it was a mind-blowing experience. Even though I knew some of the theories and had previously done some of the activities covered in this course I still gained a lot of useful information and tips. Moreover, our excellent teacher was able to cater for various students in an elegant and efficien manner. “

Iva Struzkova, Charles University

Our teacher Purva was aamaxing while guiding us through the different aspects of SEL, connecting us and giving us all the information and practical tools we can start implementing SEL. I would go for more.”

Adrienn Mekcedesz Vekes, Univertisy of Vetinary Medicine Budapest

I would recoomend as it is really well organised and structured. Information and content are very relevant and challenging. The role of the teacher is very important to engage students. Many helpful ideas to put into practice back home.”

Elisa Ramon Molina, Universidad de Las Palmas

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Erasmus+ for Academics and Higher Education Staff