Erasmus+ Information and FAQs

Who can take Erasmus+ courses at Atlantic? 

Atlantic Language has a wide range of training courses available throughout the year, for academic and administrative staff and with the focus on development of practical and applicable workplace skills aligned with development of language competencies.  

You can take Erasmus+ funded courses at Atlantic if you belong to any of the groups below. You will benefit from Atlantic’s Erasmus+ training programmes in the following way: 

    • Teachers of courses delivered through English will strengthen their delivery on sciences, humanities or technical courses through our CLIL methodology courses.
      Read more about CLIL. 
    • Teachers of English in secondary and tertiary education will develop their knowledge and skills through our Teacher Refresher courses. 
    • Administrative staff at HEIs will improve their confidence and ability to conduct their duties through English with our English in the Workplace courses.  
    • Academic staff and students preparing written papers will improve their writing through the specially designed Academic Writing courses.  
    • Academics presenting in English will fine tune their presentation skills in our Public Speaking courses.  
    • Higher education professionals required to interact and present in English will reinforce language ability and improve their spoken communication skills in our Academic Presentation Skills courses.  
  • Aside from HEI staff members, students in tertiary education can also participate in our courses to address their specific needs.

What training courses are available at Atlantic? 

Courses available for Academic and Teaching staff include: 

    • Public Speaking for Academics: Hone your speaking skills for conferences and lectures, to deliver a public presentation in English, with confidence and accuracy.  
    • CLIL for Educatorstraining in pedagogy suitable for the international classroom where the subject is mediated through English.
    • Language Teaching Refresher Course – training for teachers of English as a foreign language to reinforce and refresh their methodology, knowledge and teaching skills.  
    • Intensive General English22.5 hours per week of tuition to increase English language knowledge with a focus on reading, writing and speaking skills

Courses available for Administrative Staff include: 

    • English for the Educational Workplace: teaching the communicative language that education administrators need when dealing with international students and partner organisations in speaking and writing scenarios. 

Courses available for 3rd level and postgraduate students include: 

    • General English courses at all levels of ability from CEFR A1 (elementary) to C1 (advanced).
      Intensive courses comprise 15 hours (20 lessons) of tuition per week. Extensive courses comprise 22.5 hours (30 lessons) of tuition per week. 
    • Exam Preparation courses for IELTS, Cambridge FCE and CAE enabling students to gain internationally-recognised qualifications valued all over the world.  
    • Courses on our General English programme. Students are placed in classes that fit their language ability and learning needs. 

Can I take an Erasmus+ course Online? 

Yes. The following courses are available to take online with Atlantic:

  • Academic Writing and Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking for Academics
  • English for the Educational Workplace
  • English for Professional Communication
  • Language Teacher Refresher
  • Intensive General English

These are 1-week courses consisting of 15 hours per week Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 12.30 CET.

Tuition Price: €270 per week

Are courses at Atlantic eligible for Mobility Funding under Erasmus+ 2021? 

All Atlantic Language courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding.

Our Organisation Identification Number or OID is E10256058 

What do courses cost? 

All our one-week face to face Erasmus+ funded courses cost the same amount for tuition year-round, €445.

However, accommodation costs vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen, and will be a separate cost category in standard invoices.

The Tuition Price of our one-week Online Erasmus+ courses is €270.

For further information on prices please go to: DATES AND PRICES 2021

Detailed pricing for our General English courses is available at  

How do institutions establish the partnership with Atlantic? 

There is no need to establish a particular partnership to send students and staff to Atlantic as we are a recognised organisation for providing language courses under Erasmus. 

If you’d like to establish a partnership, please see the following options: 

    •  Sign a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding); legally binding document between institutions/institutions and companies.  
    • List us as one of the partners in a KA2 project (Key Action 2 encourages organisations across Europe to form strategic partnerships with each other to develop and use innovative methods in teaching, training, and youth work, and to share these results with the wider community)  

Is Accommodation provided? 

Accommodation is provided upon request and depending on availability.

We offer the following types of accommodation: self-catering apartment in a shared Student Residence or Host Family

When and where are courses held? 

Our courses take place in our Galway ( school. 

General English courses are held throughout the year while for our Erasmus+ courses please see the calendar DATES AND PRICES 2021

I’ve selected a course and a date. What next? 

Please complete the registration form at the ‘BOOK NOW’ link.

We’ll process your registration and send you the booking confirmation, invoice and letter of invitation. Mobility Agreements can be signed at this stage or during the course – for signature and return now please email the agreements to [email protected] 

What level of English is required? 

It varies according to each course. More intensive courses, such as Public Speaking, require a minimum of strong B2 as entry level, whereas English in the Workplace requires a B1 entry level. A level requirement is included in our course descriptions. A level test is not required to participate in the course. However, if a course participant does not demonstrate the required English language ability to participate successfully in a course, alternative tuition will be offered.
More information on CEFR levels. 

Can I organise a private course for my team? 

Closed group classes can be organised as long as there are six participants or more.
In such cases, groups can choose to focus on a particular subject or aspect of the language and our academic team will tailor a course according to their needs.  Elements can be chosen from our existing courses to create a bespoke package. See an overview of courses available with descriptions of contents.  

Does Atlantic send trainers to institutions? 

Options for sending trainers to institutions are discussed on a case by case basis. For enquiries please contact [email protected] 

How long does it take to plan participation in an Atlantic course? 

Once the mobility has been approved by the sending institution, the process is quite quick, typically completed within a couple of months. Bookings should, however, be made as early as possible, in order for us to guarantee the participants’ requests. 

Can training courses be combined with General English training? 

All courses can be combined with additional language study.  

This is especially useful in cases where the participants do not fully reach the B1 or B2 levels required for participation to most Erasmus+ courses: participants can attend however many weeks (or even just one) necessary to improve their English skills before participating in the training course. 

Can Masters students take the Academic Writing course, and if so, what is the funding model? 

The Academic Writing course is focused on improving participant’s writing skills, with adaptive tuition based on individual ability and requirements. As the course is most advantageous when participants are actively working on a significant writing project, MA and PHD students required to submit their papers in English will benefit from participation.
Funding can be secured in advance from Erasmus+ with standard internationalisation study grants.