Family Package Programme FAQs


Where does the Family Package Programme take place? 
The Family Package Programme takes place from 15 June to the 21st August 2020. It is also available for one week at Easter, from 13th April to 17th April 2020. Families can stay for a minimum of 1 week.

When does the Family Package Programme take place?
The Family Package Programme takes place from the 1st July to the 23rd August 2019. Families can stay for a minimum of 1 week.

Where are other families from? 
In 2019 we welcomed families from all over the world – Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, France and South Korea. The Family Programme offers the perfect opportunity to meet other families and make friends from all over the world while improving your English language skills.


Do you have self-catering accommodation available in Galway for families? 
Yes. We have 4 star, self-catering, 2-bedroom apartments located directly across from the school. We also have 3 star, 2-5 bedroom apartments purpose built for students, with parking available on request. All apartments are fully furnished and boast a fully-fitted kitchen, with everything your family needs to have a comfortable stay in Galway. 
Please note that due to high demand, our 4-star residence has limited availability.

Do you have host families available for family groups in Galway?
Yes. Host family packages include twin room accomodation, with meals. Our friendly host families are located approximately 20-25 minutes from Atlantic Language Galway on foot. 
Please note that host family accommodation has limited availability.

Airport Transfers

Do you offer a transfer service from and to the airport?
Atlantic Language have a number of transfer options available for families to book.
Dublin Airport Meet & Greet Service: Family members are met on arrival at Dublin Airport by a representative from Atlantic Language, who accompanies them to their coach departure point. The family will then be met in Galway by another representative, who will guide the family to their accommodation. 
Private Taxi Service: Family members will be met on arrival at Dublin airport by the driver, who will have an Atlantic Language sign. They will be directly transferred by taxi from the airport to their accommodation. 
For other airports, please contact the school.

Programme Content

Do families take classes together? 
Familes study in classrooms close to each other, but children, Teenagers, and Adults take separate classes, with lessons catered to each individual’s level.

Is it possible to join weekend excursions with Package B?
Yes. Package B is Tuition-only, but it is possible for families to purchase weekend excursions on-site. We strongly advise booking these excursions in advance, in order to guarantee spaces.

How are individual levels assessed?
Children: Children are assessed by a qualified teacher via a speaking assessment on the morning of arrival/ They are then placed into classes based on their ability, age, and level of maturity. 
Teenagers: Teenagers are tested online or via a written test on arrival, and will also have their speaking level assessed during their first morning of class. Teenagers with low-level English skills will attend lessons designed to improve fluency and accuracy, while those with higher-levels will have the opportunity to improve their critical thinking and research skills, as well as advance their communication skills. 
Adults: Parents will complete an online test prior to arrival, and will have their speaking level assessed on arrival at the school. Parents will be placed in classes with other students of a similar age and maturity.

Can you tell me about the afternoon/evening activities for children/teenagers?
Children: Sample activities include excursions to the Aquarium/a nature trail/treasure hunt, or on-site workshops in Animation/Irish sports and music.
Teenagers: Sample activities for teenagers include discos/dance fitness classes/movie nights/Irish sports and trips to local attractions popular with their age group.