Galway Adult Programme FAQs


How many Students are there per class?
There are a maximum of 14 students per class, with an average of 11 students.

How do I pay for the course? 
1. Send us your registration form.
2. You will receive confirmation invoices within 2 working days. Payment options and details will be listen on the invoices (Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit card, or Flywire).

Airport Transfers

How do I get to Atlantic Language Galway from Dublin Airport?
There are direct buses, which can be booked on or These stop at the New Coach Station, directly across from Atlantic Language Galway. You will be sent maps and advice with your arrival documentation sent 2 weeks prior to arrival.

Do you have self-catering accommodation available in Dublin? 
Yes. We have shared self-catering apartments available for adult students. Our apartments are approximately 15 minutes walking distance from our Galway school. Please ensure to check availability before booking.

Do you offer host families?
Yes. We have many friendly host families available in Galway. Most host families are an approximate 30 minute commute on public transport from our Galway school. It is important that you give us information on any food or pet allergies, dietary requirements, or any special requests when checking host family availability.

Programme Content

What time do I need to be there on my first day?
You need to be at school 1 hour earlier on your first day. You will be sent the exact time two weeks prior with your arrival documentation.

What levels do Atlantic Language offer?
We offer classes from complete beginner (A1) to advanced level (C1) in both our schools, and have a wide range of classes, from General English, to Business English, to Exam Preparation courses.

How will my class level be assessed? 
Prior to your arrival, you will be sent an online test to complete and return to us before you start. On your first day, you will complete a short speaking test. The results of both the online and speaking tests will be assessed, and you will then be placed in the best class for your level.

Is it possible to study in both schools?
Yes! Just mention your dates on your booking form.

Do you have any extra activities for students? 
Yes. We have extra free classes for our students during the week (e.g. Jobs Class, Film Club). We also have some evening activities such as a Pub Night every week. Once you arrive in school, you will see the activities calendar for the week on the notice board, where you can sign up for them if you wish.

Do you offer weekend excursions?
Yes. We have many interesting weekend day trips available in both centres. You will see an activities calendar each week in school. You should book and pay for your weekend excursion at reception by Wednesday to ensure there is a space for you.