International Junior Summer School FAQs


Where is Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Galway located?
Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Galway is located in Galway city, the third largest city in Ireland with a population of 72,000 people. Galway is a beautiful charming city on West Coast of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way.
The International Junior Summer School Galway takes place at the Galway Mayo Institute of Galway (GMIT), a third level university campus in the city.

When does Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Galway take place?

Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School runs from Monday 29th June to Friday 24th of July 2020. International students are welcome to arrive/depart on a Saturday/Saturday or Sunday/Sunday and can stay from 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks.

What is the age range of Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Galway programme?
Atlantic Language accept students from the age of 12 up to the age of 16. Students aged 16 to 19 are welcome to attend Atlantic Language’s International Young Adult Programme or older can apply for Atlantic Language Galway’s adult courses.

Where are the other students from?
In 2019, we welcomed students from 14 different countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Galway programme is a great opportunity for children to make friends from all over the world while improving their English language skills.

Programme Content

Where can I find a timetable for the activities and excursions included in the programme?
A sample timetable for Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Galway programme can be found here.

Is there a presentation on the arrival day or on the first day of school?
A welcome presentation about the International Junior Summer School and Atlantic Language is held on the first day of school.

How is the first day organised?
Student make their way to the Meeting Point of the International Junior Summer School on their first day. If the students are accommodated with Host Family, they are brought by their Host Family to the school meeting point. If they are staying in the Residence they make their way to the meeting point themselves as they would have been informed about this location during their residence orientation. Students are met by Atlantic staff at the Meeting Point and are brought to the student meeting and information area. Students check the noticeboards to identify their classroom and Atlantic Language staff help them to find their way to the
appropriate classroom. The student then do their level test which includes the speaking assessment to ensure students are placed in the correct class level. After lunch students attend a school induction and orientation which includes:

  • a full tour of the school
  • an introduction to key staff (Individual Liaison Officer, Accommodation Coordinator, Academic Director, Activity Leaders etc.)
  • explanations of the school rules
  • important contact numbers
  • timetables

Any students who feel they have been placed in the wrong class are invited to the assessment clinic to meet the Director of Studies for a further assessment of their level on a 1-to-1 basis. Students are then brought on a Walking Tour of Galway city before returning to their Host Family for dinner in the evening time OR to their Residential Accommodation.

Does the student receive a welcome package and an “ID” Card?
Yes, each student receives a welcome pack on arrival, which includes their ID card, timetable, student handbook, a list of important contact numbers, a map of Galway city and a map of the school campus, as well as information on the bus schedule.


What accommodation options do you offer?
Atlantic Language offers both Residence and Host Family accommodation to our international junior students. Our residence is located less than 5 minutes on foot from the summer school, and your child will be accommodated in a 3 bedroom apartment with other international students. Our Host Families live from 25 to 40 minutes by public transport from the summer school; your child will travel unaccompanied by bus with other students.

Is there a person who welcomes students and shows them the accommodation?
Yes, there is. Students are greeted on arrival to Galway by an Atlantic Language staff member and accompanied to the Student Residence. Here, they meet a member of the Atlantic Language Residence Team.
Students are given a Welcome Pack, brought to their room, and shown how to use keys, showers, wi-fi etc. They are also brought on a tour of the accommodation. Meal times, meeting points and curfew rules are explained and Atlantic Language staff will help them to settle in.
Atlantic Language staff ensure students enter the emergency contact number in their phones and remind students to contact their parents to let them know they have arrived safely.

They are also introduced to the other students in the accommodation and invited to join the residence WhatsApp group with their fellow students for the Buddy System. The Buddy System pairs individual students together for the duration of the programme. ‘Buddies’ will look out for each-other, accompany each-other on the walk to and from school and on excursions.

My child is coeliac/lactose intolerant/vegetarian/has allergies etc., can you cater for their needs?
Please ensure that you mention any special dietary requirements at the time of enquiry/booking; knowing the severity of the allergy/intolerance is of paramount importance. Please also mention if cross-contamination is an issue. The weekly supplement for special diets is €40.

Is there a roll call before leaving the accommodation?
There is a roll call in the following scenarios:

  • –  at breakfast time each morning
  • –  at class each morning
  • –  at the meeting point before and after each activity
  • –  before departure for excursions
  • –  at the point of boarding coaches
  • –  at regular intervals
  • –  at meeting points when off campus
  • –  at curfew time each evening in the students accommodation to ensure all students are present.

On departure day, a member of the Residential Team ensures that students are packed and ready to leave the accommodation on time for the transfer to the airport. The day before departure students meet the Individual Liaison Officer to ensure they have their boarding passes and appropriate paperwork if travelling alone, and to confirm transfer and flight details etc.

I am organising my child’s accommodation independently (e.g. staying with a relative, friend,
travelling with rest of family), can I book the course without booking the accommodation?
Yes. Please contact us for more details.

Airport Transfers

Do you offer a transfer service from and to the airport? 
Yes, Atlantic Language offer transfer services to both groups and individuals.
Groups will travel via private bus to a designated meeting point in Galway. Here, host families will collect students. Those staying in Residence will take a private bus to their accommodation.
Individual students who have booked a transfer with Atlantic Language are met at the door of the arrivals hall at the airport by a representative of Atlantic Language. This representative accompanies the student to the departure area of the direct coach to Galway city, assists the with putting their luggage on the bus, introduces them to the bus driver and ensures they get on this bus. This bus company is one Atlantic Language uses regularly and the drivers are very familiar with international students coming to our International Junior Summer Programme each summer. Upon arrival in Galway, students are met by another representative of Atlantic Language, who will then either introduce them to their Host Family or accompany them to the Student Residence.


What is the procedure if a student gets sick?
If a student feels unwell he/she should inform their Residential Supervisor, Individual Liaison Officer, Host Family, Teacher or any Atlantic Language Staff member. If the student needs to see a doctor for a minor ailment, Atlantic Language will arrange an appointment. If the student has been accompanied by a group leader then that group leader should accompany them to their appointment. If a student is an individual and does not have a group leader, then a member of Atlantic staff will accompany them to the doctor. Atlantic language will ask the student to inform their parents prior to going to the doctor. All students should have their E111 card with them. Atlantic Language will then update parents of the outcome and ensure any medical advice is followed.

What is the procedure if a student arrives at school late?
If any student is late/ not present at 9:30am the Individual Liaison Officer is notified. The Individual Liaison will contact the Host Family or Student Residence to see if the student left on time. The Individual Liaison Officer also checks with the student’s Buddy. The Individual Liaison Officer will call the student to verify whereabouts, the reason for lateness, etc. The student will have to meet with the Individual Liaison Officer on arrival at school before joining class.
Note: Host Families will contact the school in advance of classes if for any reason a student will be late/absent.

Attendance for students staying in residence accommodation is checked at breakfast time and the Residential Supervisor advises the Academic Officer & Individual Liaison Officer in advance if a student will be absent or late for any reason.

Do you give warnings if a student does not behave under the school rules? If this one is one of your procedures, what happens at the last warning?
All students are expected to respect the rules outlined in the student handbook. If these rules are broken, warnings will be given. At the last warning students may be sent home.
Bullying is not tolerated. Law-breaking behaviours, such as theft, possession of alcohol, illegal substances, or any illegal activity, are treated seriously, and in such cases, students may be sent home immediately.

Atlantic Language has a supply of summer host families as well as residential accommodation available to our International Junior Summer School students.

The Individual Liaison Officer meets all new arrivals on their first day to see how they are getting on and to answer any queries they may have. Additionally, the Individual Liaison Officer holds a weekly meeting for all individual students (usually Wednesday afternoon) to chat, offer support & guidance and answer questions & plan for weekend excursions.


Does Atlantic Language’s International Junior Summer School Programme hold any accreditations?
Yes, we are proud to have been awarded the EAQUALS international accreditation in 2018, which demonstrates Excellence in Language Education, and is one of the highest accolades available.  You can find out more about EAQUALS at