Quality Assurance Policy

Atlantic Language’s mission is to:  

“Achieve excellence in providing tuition, accommodation, customer support and related services to enable and support the life and learning objectives of our students in the unique social and cultural environment of Ireland” 

  • Provide quality tuition to all of our students in an effective and professional manner; 
  • Offer a teaching and learning environment that is both dynamic and innovative in nature; 
  • Facilitate openness and participation in both teaching and learning through encouraging a diverse, welcoming, communicative and friendly school setting; 
  • Offer a study setting where students may develop language skills, grow in confidence and develop personally; 
  • Promote a working atmosphere allowing staff members to utilise their abilities and potential to contribute to their own professional careers and to the life of the school; 
  • Provide the opportunity to experience the unique life, environment and culture of Ireland. 

Our Quality Assurance procedures are designed to ensure we reach the targets we set ourselves in areas of Customer Service, Pedagogy and Accommodation, and include the following: 

  • Attentiveness to maximising the student experience through transparency and excellent communication 
  • We source and apply student information such as pre-arrival questionnaires and assessment to adapt courses for the best possible student experience 
  • Our educational ethos ensures our teaching is based on the most current English Language Teaching methodology and suitable for each programme 
  • Dynamic and relevant FAQs are published for all adult programmes with accessible learner-friendly published content  
  • Students can feel part of the Atlantic family, with current and engaging social media content 
  • Student welfare is prioritised with continuous monitoring of attendance, teacher and family concern-raising systems, external references guide and vigilant tracking and management of issues that arise, with staff equipped and trained to handle them 
  • The welfare of our Young Learners and Vulnerable Adults is comprehensively attended to with our Child Protection Policy 
  • Well-being of all our adult students is monitored through our Statement of Care to our students  
  • Consistently gathered, reviewed and actioned feedback from our students, from First Impression to monthly Teaching and Learning questionnaires to End of Course reviews, with additional formal and informal focus group forums 
  • Our individualised issue tracking strives for quick and positive resolution of any issue that arises with ownership by relevant staff and access to senior management 
  • Student progress through levels that is specifically adapted to each learner’s pace and learning needs 
  • Collaboration between teachers and learners in achieving learning goals  
  • Dedication to ensuring a motivated, dynamic team provide the best possible student experience 
  • Scheduled site visits to all of our residences and host family accommodations to ensure our standards are upheld 
  • Manager, senior teacher and peer observations and additional training of all of our teachers, especially near the beginning of their employment 
  • Our Academic Approach outlines our strategy clearly for each pedagogic programme 
  • Varied and applicable Continuous Professional Development opportunities for all of our staff, ensuring that Atlantic is a dynamic and rewarding place to work where motivated and well-trained staff offer the best possible service.  
  • External training options for teaching, administrative and managing staff  
  • Frequent participation in events, partnerships and attendance at industry conferences, including extensive teacher profile and development opportunities 
  • Intensive and tailored onboarding, training, inspection and assessment procedures in each of our departments 
  • Promotion of opportunities to our staff in industry publications, speaker events 
  • Attention to the cultural immersion in Ireland sought by our students 
  • An extensive arrange of free and subsidised additional activities and excursions for all types of student, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy Ireland’s natural beauty and cultural charm 
  • Provision of host family and residential experiences which are carefully selected and monitored to ensure students have the opportunity to stay in convenient, authentically Irish locations  
  • Classroom activities focused on the vivid cultural legacy of Ireland 
  • A focus on maintaining multi-lingual balanced class groups to provide a true immersive experience in the English language  

To ensure we are continually striving to apply that principle, we apply a process of ongoing evaluation and improvement. We are helped in this by external Quality frameworks, such as EAQUALS, QQI, IEM and Quality English, whose frameworks and guidelines for quality we reference as part of our own overall policy, which is rigorously examined by our own annual self-assessment.

See below a list of our ongoing Quality Assurance procedures: