Your First Day At Atlantic Language School


Your first day at Atlantic Language School

Your first day of Atlantic Language school is an exciting day, for you and us. I will be here to welcome you to our school with a smile and a friendly face. For many of you arriving here in Atlantic Language School it will be your first time in Ireland and your first time learning English in the best country in the world – Ireland. You will have chosen either the Galway or Dublin school or both to spend a few weeks, a few months or even a year learning English in Ireland.

Read the blog post of Denise Sarri, one of our students who spent a year learning English in Galway. It`s the best decision she ever made.

Saying Hello & Welcome


I have the pleasure of welcoming all our new students. When you arrive at our state of the art school the first words you will hear are “Hello, welcome to Atlantic Language School, what`s your name and where are you from”?. I will give you a Welcome Pack with your unique student card. The student card is essential for a great stay in Ireland. The student card will give you many discounts in the local shops, cinema and the bus for getting around.

Keep the student card with you all the time as it comes in very useful. Learn more about our school by clicking the “Learn More” button.

A chat with Teacher

You got here. What comes next? Improving your English. That`s why you are here! You will meet one of the teachers to have a chat to confirm your level of English. It`s as easy as that and then it`s off to your first class.

First English Class

Your class begins at 9am. Here you will meet your teacher and the rest of your fellow students. You will only be strangers for a short while and then you will become great friends as you learn English together.  10.30 is break time so this is good opportunity to get a cup of tea or coffee from our lovely cafe, relax, chat with the other students and have a look around.


Orientation – watch the video below

We have also organised a short orientation for you at this time.  We want to give you a little more information about our school, excursions, activities and everything we have to offer.  Feel free to bring your cup of tea/coffee with you and enjoy it during it during the orientation. Then At 11am you will go back to your classroom until 12.30.

You have an hour for lunch. Atlantic Language School has a tasty cafe called Alo with great food and nice staff. There is also a new student lounge area to eat a sandwich, make a hot beverage or just chill out. We have a more detailed welcome class for you which will begin at 13.30 where we show you around the school and will be followed by a walking tour of Galway or Dublin City.

Walking Tour of Galway or Dublin

The walking tour is a great way to see the city. Watch the video from our YouTube channel.

You have doubts?

On your first day you will receive a lot of information. If you forget anything or you have doubts, please ask me.  I am at the front desk every day and I am happy to help you with any questions, information or doubts you may have

We are delighted you have chosen to come to Atlantic Language School. Galway is a beautiful place that I am happy to call home, and I’m sure you’ll love your time here.

Elaine Brogan