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Exam Information

If you want to expand your professional or academic possibilities, it is a good idea to acquire an internationally recognised English exam qualification.

Atlantic Language offers students the opportunity to prepare for some of the most widely recognised English language examinations. Our school is a certified testing centre for Cambridge, Language Cert, TIE and Trinity exams

Cambridge Examinations

Cambridge exams are internationally recognised English language qualifications. They test all the fundamental English language skills (speaking, writing, reading, and listening).

There are many levels of Cambridge Exam. Here at Atlantic Language, we prepare students for one of the most popular levels: the CAE (Advanced CEFR C1)

You can take a 4-week fast-track CAE Preparation Course in July or August.


IELTS is an internationally recognised exam which is required for immigration to some English-speaking countries and for entry into many universities. Atlantic teachers are very experienced in preparing students to tackle all sections of the exam and to achieve their target score.

We teach IELTS courses throughout the year and students can join at any time (subject to level availability).

Our Academic Team can assist students to book an IELTS exam.


TIE is a test designed for immigration purposes for international students studying English in Ireland. It is a general English test which assesses learner’s communicative and interactive skills in a range of practical situations. Students do not have to take a special preparation course to study for TIE and Atlantic’s Academic team can help students to prepare for the test.

We can assist students who wish to prepare for other examinations such as TOEIC. BULATS, or Trinity during supervised study sessions or in one-to-one classes.