Why Do The Clocks Go Forward?


We all Spring forward this weekend. The clocks go forward by one hour and you will wake up on Sunday morning with the sun shining in your window. A great time to learn English.

You`ll even hear the birds singing and you will have an extra spring in your step.


Why is it a great time of the year for Atlantic Language School and our students from all over the world learning English as a second language? If you want to know more about learning English in Ireland then I recommend this blog. It`s a great read.

Well, it`s a special time because we finally move away from winter and we look forward to spring and summer.

Many groups begin arriving into Atlantic Language Galway and Dublin from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and from many more countries around the world.


This year the clocks go forward on the 25th of March and you are advised to put your clock forward by one hour before you go bed.

If you have a smart phone then it will normally update however if you have a manual clock then be certain to change the time.


Your body clock might be a bit off on Sunday so remember to adjust anything you have planned like studying your English language lessons 🙂


Robert O Keeffe