English + Singing =Singlish


Do you sometimes find that people don’t understand you even though you know your grammar is correct? Do people ask you to repeat things you’ve just said because they can’t understand your accent? Do people sometimes think you’re angry when you’re hungry? Does this make you feel blue (sad)? Learning English in Ireland is easy when you sing!

Well, we understand. We’ve felt the same thing in other countries. Pronunciation is sometimes the key to being understood. But pronunciation is also difficult to practice. If only there were a song which could teach you all the sounds of English in under 3 minutes. Well, today’s your lucky day!

Sing your pronunciation blues away with Singlish. We’ve put all the sounds of English into one song. Read the words and sing along to our original song and soon your pronunciation of English blues will melt away like an ice cream in the Irish sun.

Sing along with Simon and Therese (teachers of English) and fill in the missing words to chase away those pronunciation blues. Simon and Therese are two native English speaking teachers of English in Ireland who developed the Singlish english pronunciation video.

More to come. Learn about one students journey to excellent English.


I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation blues

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation blues

Oh the 1)_______ is in the 2)_________

And the 3)________ is in the 4)_________

The 5)_________ is looking at the 6)__________

The 7)_________ is in the bar

The 8)__________’s in the 9)___________

And the 10)_________ is in the 11)___________

Get 12)___________ and take a 13)___________ or

You will have to 14)__________ your leg

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation…

Oh the 15)__________ is on a 16)____________

And the 17)__________ has lost his 18)___________

The 19)___________ sitting in a 19)_____________

Is sipping on a beer

Oh the 20)__________’s in the 21)____________

And the 22)__________ has lost her 23)___________

The 24)_____________’s in the 25)_______________

And this 26)__________ doesn’t 27)_____________ me

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation…

Oh the 28)___________ is in the 29)______________

And the 30)___________’s in the 31)____________

My 32)____________ 33)______________

Skype’s my 34)____________ every hour

Oh the 35)____________ is playing 36)____________

And the 37)___________ is turning 38)__________

The 39)___________ is on a 40)_____________

And the 41)___________’s here tonight

Give your 42)__________ to the 43)___________

And he’ll get out of your 44)____________

Pronunciation, pronunciation

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation blues

I’ve got pronunciation, pronunciation

I’ve got pronunciation,

p r o n u n c i a t i o n b l u e s !

Therese McManus & Simon McLoughlin