‘The Organisation of the School is Excellent’ – Junior Short-Stay Group Leaders (Italy)

Italy Junior Short-Stay Group

The Junior Short-Stay Group Programme is designed specifically for groups travelling together who are looking for a programme that provides a balance between intensive English language tuition, interesting project work and a fun-filled social activity programme along the Wild Atlantic Way! We recently sat down with some Junior Short-Stay Group leaders Anna Lisa, Margherita and Lida from Italy to get some feedback on their group’s experience at our Galway School. You can read the interview below or watch the video above.

Anna Lisa

Hello. My name is Anna Lisa. I’m one of the three group leaders and we are here with 45 students from a secondary school in a town to the north of Milan, Italy. It is our first time here in Galway. At first, we didn’t know much about this school but we are very glad that we’ve had this experience. Our students are satisfied with the course. We chose Galway because we thought that this was the right size of a town where our students would be safe and that they would be challenged, that they would have something to do, something interesting, from the point of view of culture, not only of the language. And we are happy with our choice. Galway is also beautiful and all the area around it because of the landscape that surrounds it. So, the weekends were particularly interesting, visiting those beautiful places in the Connemara region and going down to the Cliffs of Moher. So, all in all, we are happy with this experience.

Junior Short-Stay Group from Italy


Hi. I am Margherita , a P.E. teacher from Gadda, Paderno Dugnano. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to attend an English course here in Galway. I had a lot of fun with Simon, my teacher and today we had a music lesson with him. He was trying to let us sing and write a song so the girls and the guys from our school are very happy with this experience.


Hello. I’m Lida. I’m from the same school as my colleagues. I think that I have to underline the perfect organisation of the school. From the very beginning, we understood that this would be a very different school. The school sent us an online entry test. However, we had some problems at our school. The internet connection was not always working but we were given the opportunity to repeat the test by Atlantic Language. So, we have been very satisfied from the very beginning. Then, we received another online form. This was about our classes’ content and course schedule. So, they wanted us, the teachers from Italy, to decide what was better for our students. And, speaking to our students after the classes, we understand that everything was done. I think that this is perfect. Our junior short-stay group were satisfied with this experience. That is the most important thing. I could call the families and tell them “Okay. Everything is perfect.” So, thank you very much Atlantic Language.